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We are so excited to announce our inaugural GCA Gala

Please click the link below to get more information about this great event!

Black and Gold Minimalist Retirement Party Invitation copy.jpeg

In the fall of 2019, when we started our athletics program,  we had to rely on parents to pick their students up from school and drive them to a nearby, rented gym.  The program grew rapidly from two upper-grade volleyball teams to more than a quarter of our student body participating in cheerleading, volleyball, basketball, golf, track and field and most recently FOOTBALL! Transporting students to other facilities, either by parents or with the school van, became less feasible with each season that passed.


Because of this, GCA students and staff are working hard to raise funds for a new athletic building with a gym and multi-purpose space to host our own events such as prom, graduation, 4-H events, etc

We would love your assistance to make the dream of this new building and gym become a reality. Above, you will find information on all current fundraising efforts, should you have any questions or input about fundraising please contact Mrs. Jody at

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