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Learning & Curriculum

Grace Christian Academy believes that every child should have the opportunity to learn in the manner in which they are most likely to succeed and excel. We believe in an individualized and goal oriented learning environment that promotes each child to learn at their own pace. Each student at GCA is given an individualized education plan that is tailored to fit their specific needs and facilitates the best environment for academic success. We believe our small class sizes and low teacher to student ratios build a strong relationship between students and their teachers, which has attributed to our soaring academic results. 


Not only does GCA meet the state standards to education but exceeds the expectations with mastery based curriculum. Abeka is a trusted pinnacle curriculum that has been used to educate millions of Christian students since its start in 1972 with exceptional learning objectives that surpass the state minimums and standards. Abeka prides themselves in being an academically challenging and comprehensive college preparatory educational curriculum that in its entirety is holistic and creates a school of academic excellence.


As apart of GCA's striving to accommodate different lifestyles, we designed programs that make learning available at all times. Besides having a full time student program, we offer a Part Time/University Model Program, as well as a Distance Learning Program. 


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School Supply

2024-2025 School Supply Lists

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